Expecting Twins classes (NEW)

Class outline

Complete Birth offers a unique individual service for women and their partners who are expecting twins. This twin education session enables couples to explore their choices and discuss current research around suitable options for labour, birth and parenting. We aim to educate you to feel confident about your labour and birth and completely prepare you for bringing home 2 babies!

Topics covered in our Expecting Twins classes include:

  • Birth and delivery choices
  • What to expect in labour
  • Medical pain relief in labour
  • Inductions of labour
  • Weighing up vaginal versus Caesarean birth
  • Recovery after a Caesarean birth
  • Prematurity – what are the signs of early labour
  • What to expect in a Special Care Baby Unit
  • Breastfeeding and feeding twins
  • Routines and sleeping
  • Impact on your relationship
  • Support in the community for parents with twins

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Expecting Twins class is $350.00 and is inclusive of GST.

We are happy to come to you in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to both of us. We will travel to most areas of Sydney although some areas may incur a travelling surcharge. Other arrangements can be made at our St. George or Bankstown locations if a home visit is not suitable.

Note: Most Health Funds offer a rebate for these classes although it will depend on the type of cover you have. You will need to contact your Health Fund directly to determine the level of rebate available to you. If you have a Health Fund that we are not with please let us know so we can become a provider.

For further information on the Expecting Twins class or to make a booking, please call
0419 440 943 or email info@completebirth.com.au.