Complete Birth is facilitated by Nicole Greig a current practising registered midwife. Her aim is to provide pregnant women with information, education, guidance and support in important areas of pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting.

In the course of her extensive career working with pregnant women Nicole has provided essential physical and emotional midwifery support to pregnant women and their partners. Nicole is experienced in all aspects of care including pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding and parenting. She is particularly passionate about natural/active birth and has supported many women who choose this option.

As a result, the Complete Birth – Early Parenting, Breastfeeding, Labour and Birth course was designed as a comprehensive antenatal program that combines traditional childbirth education techniques facilitated by Registered Midwives.

Complete Birth also offers Calmbirth® classes as part of their practice. Nicole facilitates our Calmbirth® classes. She has been privileged to share labour and birth experiences with many women who have embraced labour and achieved an amazing birth with confidence due to information and education learnt through the Calmbirth® class. These classes differ to the Early Parenting, Breastfeeding, Labour and Birth classes in that they offer intensive teaching about breathing strategies during labour, and the inner resources women possess to effectively birth in a calm, confident and positive manner.

All pregnant women between 24–36 weeks pregnancy who want to educate and empower themselves about all aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenting.

No. All aspects of labour and birth are covered in our classes – from active birth positions to epidurals and caesarean sections. Complete Birth believes in women making their own informed choices about the birth that is right for them and their family. The classes are for all women wanting any type of birth. From private to public hospitals to home birth. At Complete Birth, your choices will be respected and supported.

Both the Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting Antenatal class and Calmbirth® class complement each other. If you are wanting to equip yourself with ALL the necessary tools for your birthing journey then we highly recommend attending both classes.

Of course. You are welcome to bring either your partner or a support person to the classes.

Yes. Most Health Funds offer a rebate for these type of classes although it will depend on the type of cover you have. You will need to contact your Health Fund directly to determine the level of rebate available to you.

Our classes are held in both the St. George and Bankstown areas of Sydney. Our St. George classes are run from within the Georges River Sailing Club, Dolls Point overlooking beautiful Botany Bay and surrounded by abundant parklands. The setting is private, comfortable and the room is air conditioned. Our Bankstown classes are run from within the Bankstown Golf Club, located within the leafy suburb of Milperra.

Georges River Sailing Club
Sanoni Avenue
Dolls Point NSW 2219
Phone: 02 9529 3000

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Bankstown Golf Club
70 Ashford Avenue
Milperra NSW 2214
Phone: 02 9773 0628

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